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Here’s why minimally invasive Knee replacement surgery in India is probably the best for you.

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Knee replacement or knee arthroplasty is a common orthopaedic procedure that replaces the damaged or worn surfaces of the knee with an implant or “prosthesis” to relieve pain and increase mobility.

India offers both traditional as well as minimally invasive techniques for knee replacement. The traditional approach uses a long vertical incision in the centre of the knee to view and access the joint, while minimally invasive technique uses a shorter incision to expose and replace the joint. Minimally invasive technique is a modification of the traditional technique that aims to reduce post operative pain and facilitate speedy recovery.

Ideal candidate for minimally invasive knee replacement:

Minimally invasive technique is not suitable for everyone. The ideal candidate is young, healthy and a motivated patient willing to participate in the rehabilitation process with stable knee structure and no severe bone loss.

Techniques used by orthopaedic surgeons in India for minimally invasive knee replacement surgery:

Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery should be performed by a well-trained and highly experienced orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeons in India are skilled and experienced to perform minimally invasive knee replacement surgery in India using following approaches:

    Quadriceps Sparing Approach

Quadriceps sparing or subverts approach avoids trauma to the quadriceps tendon and muscles in the front of the thigh. This approach fastens the rehabilitation process making it easier for the patient to resume walking at the earliest with reduced pain and minimal scarring.

    Lateral Approach Knee Replacement

Lateral approach involves entering the knee joint by making an incision on the lateral side of knee joint. This approach does not manipulate the knee cap and corresponding muscles and hence eliminates the chances of muscle injury. The approach also improves the knee cap mechanism.

Why opt for minimally invasive knee replacement technique?

Although both the traditional and minimally invasive techniques can be performed to replace the damaged or worn out joint structures, minimally invasive technique is preferred by surgeons as well as patients due to following reasons:

  •     Less damage to soft tissues
  •     Less discomfort to the patient
  •     Quicker and less painful recovery
  •     Rapid return to normal activities
  •     Shorter hospital stay

Decreased blood loss

    Reduced post-operative complications
    Minimal scarring

Why choose India for minimally invasive knee replacement surgery?

Once you decide to undergo minimally invasive knee replacement surgery, considering India for medical tourism can be the best decision for you.

  •     The best orthopaedic surgeons in India are highly qualified, skilled and experienced to perform minimally invasive techniques with ease.
  •     The orthopaedic hospitals in India are well equipped with latest technology and state of art infrastructure to provide best facilities to the patients.
  •     High success rate of the surgery
  •     Even if you have limited medical leave for your surgery, India is the perfect destination as only 3-4 days of hospital stay is required after this surgery. So a week’s time is good enough to get the surgery done in India. Moreover patient can resume his daily activities in ten days and rigorous activities in 5 weeks.
  •     The most important and attractive factor is the cost of knee replacement surgery in India. Medical tourism to India ensures you take care of your savings (especially the un-insured persons and those living in technologically less developed areas of Nigeria). The cost of minimally invasive knee replacement surgery in India is almost a tenth the cost at any western country.
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